Hangin’ with some Red Heads

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The Green Room

The Clown turned his powdered face to the mirror. 

"If to be fair is to be beautiful," he said, "who can compare with me in my white mask?" 

"Who can compare with him in his white mask?" I asked of Death beside me. 

 ”Who can compare with me?” said Death, “for I am paler still.” 

 ”You are very beautiful,” sighed the Clown, turning his powdered face from the mirror. 


“Oh, you want too much!” she cried to Gatsby. “I love you now — isn’t that enough?” As Gatsby demanded Daisy to profess how she never loved Tom, that he needed this exclusionary idea in order to gain the smaller pieces to the greater picture of manifest destiny and grandiose self determination.

“Can’t we just keep having fun,” she implored to him.

No. No, we dreamers want it all; we want to paint the canvas, which is our future, our tomorrows with sheer holy whims and self-conceptual desires. I want it all. The travel. The family. The economic stability. The recognition of greatness amongst my peers. The magnified delusions that my wit and intelligence are simply not common. I will not suffer the generic brands, I am a Coke guy.

This is why we could never work. You live on simple whims, on simple desires which never forecast the next sharp turns or lay the foundation to a greater, richer, deeper tomorrow. And I am never happy with what one has to offer me, I want more, more, MORE. I wish I could have just seen it for what it was and left before it began or simply enjoyed all of the dark fruits you had to offer.

I will never understand you just as you may never understand me. Though we both claim to be smarter then the other and that we have the other pegged as a one dimensional character on a third rate network tv show.

We’ll always have the nights where I laid over you amongst the covers laughing uncontrollably. The coldest conspiring revelations as we sat on those tombstones and tried to figure how we crash and burned the way we did. Or the moment that Mazzy Star song simply and utterly annihilated us both in those stock room halls.


This has been the saddest I’ve been in my life, and I don’t know how to end it.

First time feeling and planning for along time. Life, sometimes it’s not as malevolent as you think.

First time feeling and planning for along time. Life, sometimes it’s not as malevolent as you think.


The only thing to be sure of is uncertainty. 

Here’s to sleeping through the hours in which you’re awake, feet shuffling, memories blurring, feelings lost.


The Zimmerman Trial, Day by Day

This is how subjective reasoning can outweigh the objective reality of the race question in the U.S. A good case will always overcome simple truths, which is the fatal flaw of ethical reasoning. Anyone can outtalk their way out of anything if you’re crafty enough, or if the other side lacks the power of persuasion. I was reading one person’s status of how they were so glad that justice finally worked with Zimmerman proven innocent, with the comments getting rather ugly. I chose to stay out of it, but his main point was the slandering of the media towards a hungry “racism” mob mentality had wronged Zimmerman. I to believe that the media is distastefully there to quench viewers’ bloodlust. But had this never picked up in the media, there would never have even been a trial. We are far from answering the race question in America, and being upset about the wrong thing is somewhat indicative of misplaced priorities. Here’s exactly how the case played out, following Facebook social advocates everywhere participating in a friends purging. America, we have a ways to go.


The path towards enlightenment always leads back home.

The path towards enlightenment always leads back home.


Today I was sitting on the metro when the train pulled up to one of the stations.

I saw an old Japanese man with glasses and a skinny frame wearing a suit jacket and suit pants that were too big for him and a long tie. Cherry blossom pedals fell all around him as the train pulled away. It was a beautiful thing.


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Simmer softly, taste what we have made upon those lips

I’m still learning whether or not patience is a virtue, because it sure is the bane of my existence. I’m finding I’m forgetting the person I had wanted to be, the pioneer piloting out through the new Great Wests. We fight and we understand that we will never quite understand each other, but it all seems to be okay when I get lost in those mood ring eyes of yours. You have the face that was once carved by ancient Athenians, and brought to this lush grey Earth to remind us, no, to remind me what true beauty is, was, will be. Such a nose and chin carved so sharply to show such definition between angles and angels. 

I just need to grow and I hope you do to. I will respect the need for listlessness if you might respect my need for subtlety and solitude. I wish you weren’t so restless all the time, but that same restlessness makes for the most interesting creatures. I just hope you notice the apologies I have to make in the background as you trample the neighbors garden. Regardless, I will take care of you.

I see a hurt and I see a glow in you, I just prey I have the strength to endure them both. I will prey to that holy inverted cross to be placed amid your breast plate, three kisses, one to the left, one to the right and one atop your forehead, pleading for our safe return as we arrive into tomorrow’s dawn between sheets and tangled legs and humming ac units.

Every night I worry waiting for you, and prey that I will see that glazed smile with those sweet supple corners of your mouth that twists towards your thoughts. I hope you are on that 70 right now, six steps in upon Delafield. Is this real life, or just shadows that dance within our cave. Either way I am content.

But with nobody in your bed
the night’s hard to get through…

But with nobody in your bed

the night’s hard to get through…


Crazy into it about something that’s pretty combustible. But I don’t care cuz your nose was made for kissing and you help take care of me when I’m stressed because I’m late for work and pay for my taxi cabs and carry my Coke in your father’s broken book bag.


Tonight was stellar. She looked liked a tragic starlet from the movies, with all the proper prose (*poise).

Was it the lightning bugs strung up amid the trees like Christmas in July, the familiarity of deja vu, or the interest in mustache hair in her nose. Maybe the phantom eyebrow hair upon her tongue. Some questions are to be left open ended.


Watched “Never Let You Go” and I’m not sure it was a good movie, at least until the end. It did make me realize that I like Carrie Mulligan who crept out of no where. She’s a good subtle actress and definitely a babe. It’s unfortunate that The Great Gatsby will be done by the same director as “Moulin Rouge” and be a whole “production”. The movie would have been kind of cool with high profile actors and subtle acting/affair, hence Carrie Mulligan would be a good choice.

At the end the main concept was regret, and how these two thought they could suspend time with a deferral and go back and cash in on the missing time together only to *wait for it* realize life does’t work like that, and to use the time you have wisely, I guess with the things you do or the people you have. It really makes you think and feel sorry for the protagonists. But can I relate? I know things I’d superficially do: do an internship during college. Pick up a language. Get rid of some awful hobby I wasn’t good at but thought was cool. Talk to that girl on the bus. But I don’t know if there’s a relationship I’d do over again or a decision that I can pinpoint that I wish I went right instead of left. 

Which is all so funny at how unfulfilled I feel. Maybe I’d tell my parent’s to prepare better, ramp up my feelings so I’m not butt hurt at the end of a relationship or make sure Hoover never left the yard. But don’t those things define me, and wouldn’t new forks with dead ends or muddy paths just present themselves anyway. Isn’t that how it works?

Well I’m kinda fine with life for the moment simply because my fickle and flighty mood/viewpoint is lifted/distracted. Can’t wait to revisit melodramatic town.

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